What’s not to love about online Video Poker? It’s exactly the same as it is in a land-based casino, except you get a lot more options. The game involves a good amount of strategy, but has the fast-paced, luck-based winning potential of a Slot machine. The bet minimums are incredibly low, but the maximum payouts are incredibly high. Best of all, some Video Poker variations have close to the lowest house edge in an online casino! Playing Video Poker at our recommended South African casinos will make you experience the thrill of Slots with the strategy of poker. Read the article of Casino Midnight and discover everything about this card game.

Basic Rules

Before the cards are dealt, the player must set the number of coins they want to play and the amount they want to value the coins. Above the cards are the payouts, which are determined by specific hands. The better the hand, the better the payout, and the strength of each hand is ordered the same as it is in regular poker, with a pair being the lowest, and a Royal Flush being the highest. The more coins you play, the more coins you stand to win, and when you play the maximum number of coins, you qualify for the highest jackpot, which is usually 4,000 coins. The coins you win are valued the same as the coins you bet with, so if you set your coin value to $1 and play five coins, you are betting a total of $5. If you win 4,000 coins, you win $4,000 on a $5 bet! Once the bet is in place, the cards are dealt. The object of the game is to build the best possible five-card hand, which is done by holding cards you want to keep (clicking on them), and replacing cards by not clicking on them and hitting the draw button. After the draw, your final hand is made, and if it is a hand displayed in the pay chart above the cards, you win that payout. You can replace as many as all five cards, or hold all five cards as well. If you receive a payout, you can also go for double or nothing, where the casino will display a card, and the player chooses one of four facedown cards. If the selected card is higher in value than the casino’s, you double your money.

6 Tips On Online Video Poker

  1. Test out the different Video Poker variations in practice demo mode before you bet with your own money to ensure that it’s right for you.
  2. Jacks or Better is the Video Poker variation with the lowest house edge.
  3. Always bet max coins. It qualifies you for the highest payouts.
  4. Carefully build the best hand. It’s easy to get into a rhythm and get careless due to the fast-paced nature of the game. Nothing is worse than hitting the draw button only to realize that you are replacing a card you wanted to keep, or holding a card you wanted to replace after it’s too late.
  5. Going double or nothing after a win is risky. If you simply win your money back, it might be worth it. If it’s a high payout, hold onto it and avoid going double or nothing.
  6. This is the most important tip: know when to stop. Set a limit on how long you play, and walk away when you have a nice amount of winnings.